Bossa Nova
See Bio Below
Stella Beans (her eyebrows look like beans)
See Bio Below
Bossa Nova is an 8 year old Lhasa Apso. He is an
Uncertified Therapy Dog,(UTD), and he specializes
in Treats, snoozes, walks, and kicking his ball to
you (You gotta see it!) Boss loves to greet patients
at the door and is particularly fond of Men with
beards and CHILDREN (especially new borns). If
you allow him to, Boss will lay on your tummy
while you are getting your therapy before your
adjustment. Boss is very cute and compassionate
but he did not do very well in school (Know what I
mean?). He is a sweet little guy.
Stella Beans is a crafty, intelligent, and scrappy
Chihuahua/poodle mix. She was raised on the
streets of Los Angeles and was slated for
euthanasia at 3 months old when she was rescued
by New Rattitude and brought to Oregon for me to
adopt.  Stella specializes in brutalizing Bossa Nova,
burrowing under her blanket, and greeting patients
when they come to the door. Stella does not care
much for children but LOVES adults. It is her
opinion that humans were put here to rub her
under her chin and  chest.  Stella did do very well
in school and even made it to the collegiate level in
obedience. You should see how long she is when
she stretches out too! THE LONGEST LITTLE DOG
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